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Services & Materials

Consulting Services - We know Montessori!
The Institute of Montessori Education is here to assist you to ensure the success of your Montessori school and business. The Institute of Montessori Education offers the following individual consulting services.

Montessori School Consulting Advice
The Institute of Montessori Education's core faculty and board advisors have the experience; knowledge, skill and expertise to successfully present guidance on a variety of areas related to the operation of a Montessori school. Consulting advice services can range from specific day to day operations, faculty and staff trainings, parent orientation, teaching policies, marketing to workshops.

New Montessori School Establishment
The Institute of Montessori Education can assist an owner in all aspects related to the opening of a Montessori school.

The Institute of Montessori Education can assist with the following:

  • Creation of a Presentation Montessori School Business Plan
  • A well-written business plan is essential for obtaining a desirable location, favorable lease terms and or financing for your new Montessori School. This document will include an executive summary, description of your school, company principals, target market analysis, related competition, marketing techniques, forecast for continued growth, sample layout plan, budget and required relevant research.

  • Pre-Opening Financial Evaluation
  • This service is a must for anyone thinking about opening a Montessori school. Faculty members of The Institute of Montessori Education have opened and established many Montessori schools. We will help you produce financial projections that are realistic. You will be provided with estimated start-up costs on construction, furnishings, necessary operating capital prior to business profitability, professional services and fees, miscellaneous expenses like inventory and pre-opening employee compensation.

  • Site Selection, Research Existing Programs and Competition
  • The Institute of Montessori Education can assist with location and market research. We can provide you an all-inclusive strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis report. This research report will provide you with specific information on competition, demographics, customer profiles and relative information of your current business plan.

  • Establish Budgets
  • The Institute of Montessori Education can assist you develop a good estimate for a workable budget.

  • Project Design and Drawings
  • Architects and engineers may understand childcare construction but few understand what is needed in a Montessori school. We can create a complete custom plan for your Montessori school based on your vision and needs. The layout drawings will be drawn to scale and sent to you as a PDF and CAD file. Please note that these drawings will not provide construction information related to excavation, foundation, or building structure construction. A registered architect or engineer will be required to provide complete bid construction documents for your site.

  • Montessori Materials and Product Selection
  • The Institute of Montessori Education consultant can assist and find you Montessori vendors that fit your classroom size, create a flow and help build your classroom within your proposed budget. There are numerous Montessori vendors in the marketplace, some better than others. If you do not know these vendors you can easily make mistakes in size and quality in what you order. Depending on the ages of the children, you need to order correct size furniture and appropriate materials.

  • School Opening and Staff / Employee Training
  • Eliminate the anxiety related to opening your Montessori school with help from one of our experts. We will help you tie up all the loose ends prior to opening, and assist you through opening day with your grand opening ceremony.

  • Branding and Identity
  • The Institute of Montessori Education can create an identity for your Montessori school. We can develop a marketing plan to promote your Montessori school to the families in the community.

Montessori School Records, Documents, Policies and Procedures
The Institute of Montessori Education is available to provide thorough direction to develop and document a range of policies and procedures, which may be required in a Montessori school environment. We can also help your organization develop and draft required operational documents such as student, faculty and staff handbooks, parent and staff manuals and company guidelines. The Institute of Montessori Education can draft any policy, procedure or documentation needed for your organization.

Faculty and Staff Training and Continuing Education Courses
The Institute of Montessori Education offers training and continuing education courses. Please visit the training tabs.